DBTA was founded in 1986 as the database interest group of the Swiss Informatics Society (SI). The original goal was to promote exchange between research theory at universities and research labs, and practitioners such as application developers, database administrators and IT managers, resulting in the name DBTA as an abbreviation of Data Base Theory and Applications. Over the years, the main interests of both researchers and practitioners has expanded to address issues of large-scale distribution and integration of heterogeneous information services. Therefore nowadays DBTA interests include, not only traditional database technologies, but also topic such as web information systems, ontologies, XML data management, service-oriented architectures and information retrieval systems. To reflect this change, it was decided in 2004 that although the short name DBTA would remain, it should now be known as the sepcial interest group in information systems.

The aim of DBTA Informationssyteme is to promote the exchange between information systems professionals in Switzerland. The events organized by DBTA cover a wide range of topics such as databases, web information systems, knowledge management and information retrieval

Further details on the membership fees (discounts, collective membership, etc.) can be found in the SI overview. Registration is made via the SI entry form.

President Heiko Schuldt, University of Basel
Treasurer Josef Bösze, Itopia AG

Website: https://dbta.swissinformatics.org
Membership form: https://swissinformatics.org/en/membership/categories


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