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The Swiss Informatics Society (SI) is committed to the interests and reputation of IT professionals in Switzerland. It does so through specialized groups, focused projects, high-level events (including the Swiss Digital Summit) and publications (including Digital Magazine), policy engagement on IT-related educational topics, draft legislation and national strategies in the context of digitization, Cooperation with other associations (including Swiss ICT) and sister companies abroad (including GI eV, OCG), participation in national and international associations (digitalswitzerland, IFIP, CEPIS) and participation in national and international working groups.


In addition, the SI promotes the spread of digital skills and computational thinking in Switzerland. Their goal is the broad participation of all social groups in digitization. It is committed to ensuring that Switzerland remains a leading engineering nation and is one of the leading countries in the use of digital tools in the long term. It thus contributes to the attractiveness of Switzerland as a business location as well as to the quality of life and digital social sustainability in Switzerland.


One of SI’s special features is that it unites IT professionals in all parts of Switzerland, making it a nationwide association (see, among others, the section SI Swiss Romand – SISR). With around 2000 members, it is the largest professional association in Switzerland. In the diversity of all IT associations in Switzerland, it is the association that represents the specialists. In order to do justice to this, SI is particularly committed to high disciplinary professionalism in IT, ethical responsibility and permanent further education.


Section Romande SISR


The Section of the Swiss Informatics Society for the Swiss-French part SISR (Société suisse d’Informatique Section Romande) organizes a wide range of events that take place in the French-speaking region of Switzerland. These events are usually co-organized with HES, universities or partner associations, with the aim of establishing synergies and exchanges between practitioners, teachers, students and researchers in the field of computer science.


SISR also promotes exchanges between the various regions of Switzerland and encourages members to contribute to the organization at the local level and to network at the national level. SISR is delivery award prizes to the most deserving students in French-speaking universities. SI members with an address in French-speaking Switzerland become automatically members of the SISR. Any SI members residing elsewhere in Switzerland may join the SISR by sending a simple request to join using this contact form.


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