The Swiss Informatics Society represents a wide range of areas in information technology (IT) in Switzerland.  Professionals with a university degree, (or equivalent qualification), educators, researchers, individuals, and organizations with a stake in professional IT, networks and their members benefit from the activities and Swiss Informatics Society, representing their interests in politics, education, business, and research.

The SI is primarily active in the following areas:

  • Coordination of IT higher education and research by SIRA
  • Coordination of IT public education by SVIA
  • Exchange at national and international levels through the communities of SI
  • Promotion of computer science talents at all levels
  • Promotion of e-literacy in Swiss society through ECDL SI
  • Promotion of Continuing Professional development (CPD) through IT Expert SI certification
  • SI follows the challenges and risks, as well as act on impacts of IT on our society

The SI is an association under Article 60 the Swiss Civil Code with headquarters in Bern. Natural and legal persons may join as members of the association. More information can be found in the Statutes of the SI. (in German)

Ethical and professional guidelinefor IT in Switzerland f are outlined in SI’s Code of Ethics. (in German)