Vision and Mission

The points of the Vision and Mission statement were adopted in Zurich at the SI General Assembly on 25 November 2006.

  • The Swiss Informatics Society promotes awareness of the importance of informatics in society.
    The Swiss Informatics Society is the professional and trade association of informatics in Switzerland and is open to membership to all informatics professionals.
  • The Swiss Informatics Society supports its members in their professional and technical development and encourages social contact and knowledge exchange.
  • The Swiss Informatics Society actively represents the professional interests of all informatics professionals in dealing with authorities, businesses, and the public at regional, national and international levels.
  • The Swiss Informatics Society promotes continuing education for informatics professionals in Switzerland at all levels.
  • The Swiss Informatics Society plays a supportive role in education of informatics in schools in Switzerland.
  • The Swiss Informatics Society is committed to sustainable and responsible applications of informatics and also supports the interests of end users.

Articles of Association

The SI is an association under Article 60 the Swiss Civil Code with headquarters in Bern. Natural and legal persons may join as members of the association.

More information can be found in the  Statutes of SI (in German) and Gruppierungsreglement. (in German)