• SI Special Interest Groups
  • ICT-Switzerland, our roof organisation
  • ICT-Berufsbildung, for vocational IT education and diploma (tertiary-B education)
  • swissICT, for concerns of the companies and a partner in building the SI profession
  • ISSS, for questions about information security
  • ECDL Schweiz, SI licences and promotes this instrument for e-literacy among the Swiss population, also, we conduct and participate in optimisation and product development projects
  • SATW, we are a member of this association and get eased access to project resources
  • Informa Modell F, an initiative for the eased qualification of career changers into IT


  • ECDL Foundation, we are licensing ECDL from this international responsible non-profit organisation and are part of the mid- to long-term optimisation and development programmes of the ECDL
  • CEPIS, we are member of the European roof organisation
  • IFIP, we are member of the world-wide roof organisation and strive to get the international accreditation of the IT Expert SI at the sub-organisation IP3.
  • ACM, we cooperate with the ACM and recognize a double membership for the reduced SI annual fee
  • e-CF, the European e-Competence Framework is the international reference for the IT Expert SI
  • Euresearch, we may get you in contact towards EU projects consultancy
  • I-12, a working group of german-speaking IT professional organisations we are part of
  • OCG, we are in close cooperation with the Austrian Computer Society
  • GI, we are in close cooperation with the German Computer Society