Simon Moser started his studies in Computer Science in 1983, the first year C.S. was offered as a master course at the University of Berne. He finished his studies with a Ph.D. Afterwards, he continued his research on software complexity and quality metrics as well as on the metrics applications of project effort estimation and controlling at Swinburne University in Melbourne (Australia) with Prof. B. Henderson-Sellers. Since 1984, he has worked part-time in industry as a developer (mostly C++/SQL) and, later, as a project manager. Since 1990 he is a full-time IT project consultant, manager and business analyst working in Swiss industry. In 2010, he founded SolutionBoxX Ltd together with partners. As an SI member since 1988 and as a SISR Section member,  Simon Moser’s interest is in strengthening the professionalism of the discipline in practice along with  SI.

Swiss Informatics Society SI
TO: Simon Moser, member of the board of the SI, Finances, CPD


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