The governing bodies and permanent commissions of the SI are:

The Board of the SI (8 – 16 members)

The board is in charge of the operations of the association and implements the statutary obligations as well as decisions of the General Assembly and Presidents Conference. The board of the SI sets the strategy and manages projects towards achieving it.

The Advisory Board (3 – 10 members)

Consults the board of the SI on strategic topics and supports the association by the means of its network.

The General Assembly

All members constitute the GA/General Assembly and are invited to it. The GA is the top organ of the SI and the decides about the bylaws, regulations and their changes, the budget, the financial statements /granting discharge as well as other requests and elects the board and commissions.

The Presidents Conference

The presidents conference decides on requests with long-term impacts. This includes decision about the creation of new communities or their closing. It is constituted from the board of the SI, the presidents of the advisory board and committees as well as the presidents of the communities.

The Ethics Commission / Profession Council (min. 3 members)

Aufgabe des Standesrates ist es, die Ethikrichtlinien der SI zu interpretieren und umzusetzen. Jedes Mitglied der SI ist den geltenden Ethikrichtlinien verpflichtet. Die Ethikkommission erarbeitet Vorschläge zur Weiterentwicklung. Diese werden publiziert und in einem Vernehmlassungsverfahren unter allen Mitgliedern genehmigt.