The board of SI represents the Swiss Informatics Society and its members towards the society, politics, public and private organisations. All regions and languages of Switzerland are covered. The board is led by a president and has 8 to 16 members that represent a broad variety of IT disciplines and the german and latin parts of Switzerland. It is the leading body of the SI and is responsible for the ongoing activities. Members of the board are active strategically and are members of numerous committees, institutions and working groups in the field of IT. The board is implementing the decisions taken by the SI General Assembly. Each member has a portfolio of responsibility.

Jürg Gutknecht, President, Portfolios: CEO,  IT & Society, Online Magazine

Priska Altorfer, Portfolios: Industry 4.0, Public Relations, Women in IT

Thomas Bohnert, Adjoint

Gilles Falquet, Portfolio: SI Suisse Romande SISR

Thomas Gross, Portfolios: Academy – Industry link,  IT vision

Matthias Hauswirth, Portfolios: Svizzera italiana, IT vision

Ute Klotz, Portfolio: Diverse

Carmine Maiello, Portfolio: Educators

Raymond Morel, Portfolios: International relations, SIC (Swiss IFIP Committee) Chair

Simon Moser,  Portfolio: CPD – Continuing Professional Development (IT Expert SI)

Alessia Neuroni, Portfolio: Public Policy

Oscar Nierstrasz, Portfolio: SIRA – the association of Swiss IT Professors at Universities

Reinhard Riedl, Portfolios: National and International Regulations, Ethics

Joerg Ruegg, Ressort: Finance, Portfolio: SI Ambassador, ECDL Foundation, CEPIS

Beat Trachsler, Portfolio: Diverse