Alain Sandoz graduated in mathematics from Neuchâtel University in 1984 and in computer engineering form EPFL in 1988. He went on to achieve his PhD at EPFL in 1992 with a thesis on distributed information systems. Alain worked as CTO for the Federal bureau of agriculture in Bern from 1994 to 2000, introducing the AGIS ERP that since then has been managing agricultural policy at the Swiss federal level. When he left the FBA, Alain started his own consulting company and has been working there since, defining and leading projects on complex business architectures for public and private organisations, as well as for the scientific community of agronomic, plant genetic and plant fungal disease research and management. Since 2013 he has been working on the use of IT as a strategic instrument to support and develop sustainable farming in Switzerland. Alain’s interests are in distribution, complexity, scale, and the management of information in large societal groups (farmers, patients, companies) that interact with authorities and service providers, in particular by supplying the latter with data in often uncontrolled manners. He has been teaching IT-related topics at different higher education institutions (EPFL, Geneva University Hospital, and continuously Neuchâtel University) since 1995 and is associated professor of IT in Neuchâtel.

Swiss Informatics Society SI
TO: Alain Sandoz, SI Board Member


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