Iris Zeyda

Iris Zeyda is a senior consultant at Isolutions AG. After finishing her Veterinary Medicine studies and working in this field for some years, Iris felt drawn to IT despite her proximity to medicine and achieved this as the central contact person and ICT coordinator for the IT systems of the veterinary administration of the state of Baden Württemberg. She later worked as a project manager and in requirements analysis for an IT system used throughout Germany for veterinary and food monitoring. In an international healthcare company, she led a team of requirements and business analysts to develop requirements for a LIM system.

Since 2018, Iris Zeyda has been working as a consultant, supporting customers with her expertise in her focus areas business analysis, requirements engineering and project management. Her focus is on Business Analysis, Information Architectures, Requirements Engineering, Conceptual Modelling, Risk Analysis, Stakeholder Management, Agile Methods, and Conflict Management.

    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    To: Iris Zeyda, member of the board of the SI


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