Raymond Morel is an acting member of SATW (the Swiss Academy of engineering sciences) and SATW Scientific Advisory Board (WBR). He is Chairman of the SATW e-Switzerland platform (ICT Commission), a Swiss representative and consultant at the IFIP TC3 (Technical committee 3 on ICT and Education), an IFIP delegate to WSIS (2003 and 2005) and WSIS. Forum since 2006 (World Summit of the Information Society), executive committee of SISR, SIRA, SKIB (Schweizerischen Koordinationskonferenz ICT und Bildung), SSAB (Schweizerische Stiftung für audiovisuelle Bildungsangebote), cooperative of research Social-IN3. Consultant for IITE and UNESCO

Raymond Morel represents the SI at the IFIP General Assembly, IP3, IFIP ILC (IFIP International Liaison Committee) and SIC (Swiss IFIP Committee)

    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    To: Raymond Morel, member of the board of the SI, IFIP/IP3 representative


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