Rebekka Masson is a specialist in educational development and has been leading national educational projects for several years. She has experienced and helped shape the digitization of an entire industry in her own professional field, the Swiss book trade: In addition to her work as Pro Rector at the KV Basel Commercial School, lecturer and examination expert, she led the first national education project on behalf of the SBVV for the revision of the national educational foundations in basic education at the SBFI. Central to the project was the integration of  new requirements and skills, which the digitisation of international knowledge management and the daily work with digital merchandise management systems that will be required from professionals in bookstores and publishing houses in the future. In addition to numerous projects in the education sector, she  developed the Informa in ICT project in partnership with SI. As part of the national initiative for skilled workers and with the support of seco, Informa in ICT project was expanded to include the professional fields of engineering and business. The specific challenges of the rapid technological innovations in ICT are central to this initiative, as are the consequences for people and companies who lose their jobs and contracts as a result of change. Ethical and social issues as well as the issue of a shortage of skilled workers and life-long learning, the low number of women in ICT and the participation of large sections of the population in digitisation are topics that accompany them in their professional lives.

Since 2011 Rebekka Masson has headed the Modell F office in Zurich. She manages other national projects in education and related areas and works as a lecturer and seminar leader.

Training and further education: Bookseller, adult educator, cultural manager, specializing in educational management and organizational development.

    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    TO: Rebekka Masson, member of the board at SI


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