The Presidents Conference is constituted from members of the SI board, the SI advisory board, and the presidents of all special interest groups (SIG). Our SIG are at the heart of the structure of the Swiss Informatics Society.

The conference takes place biannually with the goal of making decisions on long term strategies regarding informatics in Switzerland with a variety of sectors including education, industry, research, and policy.

They also handle requests made within the structure of the Swiss Informatics Society which assists the special interest groups and keeps them focused on present day topics and standards in the ever-growing area of IT and IT related initiatives, providing a clear strategy for long-term impacts.

The presidents conference also includes the decision making process concerning the creation of new special interest groups within the Swiss Informatics Society, the structuring and support of present ones, and defining their roles within and outside of the Swiss Informatics Society.

List of Members

Dominik Businger, Azine IT Services AG, SIG Freelancers
Prof. Dr. Alireza Darvishy, ZHAW Zürich, SIG ICT-Accessibility
Alexandre de Spindler, ZHAW Zürich, SIG DBTA
Daniel Felix, ergonomie und technologie GmbH, SIG Software Ergonomics
André Golliez, SIGs Digital Heritage und openData
Prof. Martin Glinz, Universität Zürich, SIRA
Prof. Dr. Bernhard Hämmerli, HS Luzern, SIG  Net&Cloud
Francis Baud, HES-SO/Fribourg, SISR Suisse Romande
Bruno Kaiser, AdNovum, SIG SI-SE Software Engineering
Jana Koehler, HS Luzern, SIG SGAICO Artificial Intelligence
Beat Lehmann, SIG IT-Compliance
Andreas Schläpfer, SIG Green-IT
Prof. Jean-Henry Morin Université de Genève, ETIS
Dr. Urs Oswald, SIG SAUG APL User Group
Prof. Dr. Edy Portmann, Uni Bern, Fachgruppe Metadata
Fredy Schwyter, SIG Multimedia
Jan Sedlacek, SIG Industry Controller
Oliver Vogel, SIG SigArMo Architektur und Modellierung
Jochen Waltenberger, SIG e-Conomy
Prof. Robert Winter, Uni St.Gallen, SIRA-CHAIS