The SVIA guarantees the self-evident nature of informatics education in general education schools. IT is a competent contact  for all aspects of computer science education and ICT application competence.

The Swiss Association for Computer Science in Education SV! A is committed to continuous informatics education in general education schools

  • through the commitment for a basic subject “computer science” at the high school, because computer science is an indispensable component of the general education
  • through the support of a level-oriented computer science education at primary and secondary level, so that all students have a first contact with the way of thinking and the functional principles of computer science
  • through the promotion of teachers’ ICT application skills and the demand for appropriate education at the colleges of higher education so that at the end of compulsory schooling, students have sufficient digital literacy to enter the profession and live daily life
  • through the sensitization of teaching staff, educational policy and general public for the importance of computer science in society, profession and personal environment and for the resulting educational obligations.

The focus of SVIA is first and foremost computer science as a science, and secondly, ICT application competence as the fourth cultural technique. The media education is not a field of activity of SVIA.

Martina Vazquez, Präsidentin
Gabriel Parriaux, Vizepräsident
Dr. Andrea Leu, Geschäftsführerin



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