Please join one or more of the IT Expert SI communities that are being formed:

IT Experts SI – the generic experts without specialisation

IT Experts SI BRIDGE – the responsibles for the bridge from ICT customer to  supplier and back (processses, requirements, overall project lead)

IT Experts SI UX – experts that define the user experience as well as ergonomic and implementable interfaces

IT Experts SI TechDev – software and system engineers that implement requirements into the technical architecture, design and code and that are able to lead this part.

IT Expert SI QSeC – experts that plan and independently verify project progress, quality and security

IT Experts SI Op – the responsibles for the operation of existing IT-infrastructure and for the integration of project results

For the time being, You can register to receive latest news about the project’s progress. Applications will be possible in the second half of 2017. The first certificates will be issued in 2018.