SISR is the French-speaking section of the Swiss Computer Science Association.  It organises study days, seminars, courses, round tables, and more in the Suisse Romande.

In  general, the SISR  promotes meetings and exchanges between the French-speaking members of the SI to network and contributes to the organisation of local activities of the of specialised groups available through membership with the aim to encourage them to actively participate in the activities. The events are often  organised with universities and colleges and partner associations with the aim of establishing synergies and exchanges between practitioners, teachers, students and researchers in the field of computer science.

Also,the SISR regularly publishes articles on a wide range of current topics  in computing in SISR’s  Digital Magazine including cloud computing and trust, preservation of knowledge, usability of the software and more in its digital magazine.

All SI members who have an address in French-speaking part if Switzerland automatically become members of the SISR. Members residing elsewhere in Switzerland may also apply to join the SISR by writing to Swiss Informatics Society SI using the contact form below and expressing  the interest to join SISR

Francis P. Baud, President & SISR representative to the SI Board
Jean Hennebert, Vice-President
Pierre Kuonen, Vice-President
Karl Jauch, Treasurer

Stéphane Bertrand
Pierre-André Bobillier
Gilbert Duvanel
Gilles Falquet
Raymond Morel
Laurent Sciboz
Pascal Kotte


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    Swiss Informatics Society SI
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