SVIA stands for Swiss Association for Computer Science in Education and it aims to promote computer science education in a scientific and subject-related way and to offer its members an opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and information. He is a competent contact person for all aspects of computer science education and ICT application competence.



  •  is primarily involved in level-compatible computer science education at all levels (Primary, Sec I, Sec II). The main emphasis is on the promotion of the basic subject computer science at the grammar schools.
  • promotes as well ICT application skills in the classroom at all levels (Primary, sec I, sec II) for sufficient digital literacy of students.
  • calls for a timely and well-founded education for teachers at the universities of teacher education.
  • nurtures awareness of politics and the general public for the importance of computer science and digital literacy in society.

The focus of the SVIA is first and foremost on computer science as a science and secondarily on ICT application competence as the fourth cultural technique. Media education is not a field of activity of the SVIA.

Martina Vazquez, President
Gabriel Parriaux, Vice President
Dr. Andrea Leu, Managing Director




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