Digital literacy is a key qualification for every member of our current or future society, and it is a decisive factor determining the competitiveness of employees and companies. Digital literacy pervades all educational disciplines from general to specific on all levels. What digital literacy is and comprises, and where Switzerland is positioned in international comparison, is still in its initial stages and is the subject of qualification programs in educational institutions and companies, as well as amongst the general public.


The aim of the special interest group Digital Competency is to place the Swiss Informatics Society in a leading position in educational policies regarding digital competency and to accomplish this in coordination and cooperation with other actors. Digital literacy should be defined and operationalized. To achieve this goal, the group will work out basic foundations for a Digital literacy framework, develop or support existing certifications, offer courses and workshops, and conduct events to build networks and to nurture cooperation.


 The results of the group’s activities will be formalized in publications and made available to the members of the group, and the general public will benefit through the group’s publication and by proactive inclusion at the group’s event.

Envisaged Activities:

  • Organization of events on current topics in digital literacy, digital learning, in particular for exchanges between industry and research and teaching institutions, as well as for the general public.
  • Establishment of an SIG website for providing information about its members, its events, as well as participating institutions, teaching programs, and tools.
  • Publication of articles on subjects related to the thematic focus of the SIG.


Daniel Stoller-Schai: President
Jürg Gutknecht: Vice President
Arthur Clay: Event Management / Treasurer

Website:  Coming Soon
Membership form: https://swissinformatics.org/en/membership/categories


    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    TO: Accessibility, Special Interest Group of the SI


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