The Networking and Cloud Services Group promotes IT networking and cloud services in particular through suitable events and publications for its FG members and other interested parties. The Networks and Cloud Services group has the following goals:

  • Create a platform for the exchange of know-how and experience for the development and operation of Networks and Cloud Services.
  • Conducting workshops and seminars
  • Development of publications

Three reasons why it pays to participate:

  • The Networks and Cloud Services section supports engineers in networking and job hunting, helping them make new contacts.
  • The Networks and Cloud Services section provides a platform for information and exchange of experience between engineers and IT project managers.
  • The Expert Group Networks and Cloud Services invites its members to events in Bern and Lucerne on a quarterly basis and initiates exciting projects.

Further details on the membership fees (discounts, collective membership, etc.) can be found in the SI overview. Registration is made via the SI entry form.


President, Daniel Jossen,
Manager, Amanox Solutions



    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    TO: NETCLOSE, SI Fachgruppe Networks and Cloud Services

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