The recognition procedure Informa of model F on the tertiary level allows a shortening of the education and study courses by crediting existing professional experience and extra-professional practice (BBG Art. 9). In this way, older and experienced persons can acquire the new competencies in a targeted manner, obtain the degrees and qualify themselves higher and also differently in a short time: more specialists for Switzerland and specialists for the jobs of tomorrow.

Entry into education and study programs “sur dossier” lead to a precise and individual assessment and crediting of existing skills and competencies. It becomes visible which subjects/modules someone should still attend in order to have all competencies and to successfully pass the final qualifications for the required recognized diplomas.

An expert commission of Informa justifies which subjects/modules can be omitted completely or partially in the study program, because their recognition counts. Thus, study programs and degrees become cheaper and faster. The accredited education providers recognise these recommendations of the experts.

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