SI, from 2018 onwards, is issuing the private-law certificate IT Expert SI™ for information technology professionals with tertiary education level. The typical candidate has received a bachelor or master diploma or a Ph.D. in Computer Science or Information Systems from a university, ETHZ/EPFL or university of applied sciences. This corresponds to the EQF, European Qualifications Framework, educational levels 6, 7 and 8. Candidates with a non-standard career or career changers may also reach this level and the certificate.

If you are interested in this certification scheme, as a professional, as an educator/professor, as a company/organisation that employs, contracts or educates IT professionals, then please fill the form at the bottom of this page. You will receive news (well digested and not overly frequent, maybe 4 newsletters per year). If you want more informationabout our project organisation and schedule visit our CPD poject page.

The following 3 requirements must be met by the holders:

Proof of a basic IT educational level as defined by the SI Core Body of Knowledge (CBOK).
This is coordinated with the european e-Competence Framework e-CF,, and the curricula of the swiss academic education providers. The SI-CBOK assures a common understanding and collaborative model among the specialists.

  Proof of a systematic and comprehensive specialized education according to Bodies of Knowledge (BOK). Accredited continuing education and/or certifications. These are offered by the universities (CAS, MAS, DAS), private providers or as online-courses. Also, a proof of practice in the form of a project portfolio and the demonstration of personal, non-technical competencies is required.

Find more information about the 5 specialisations here: BRIDGE, UX, TechDev, QSeC, Op. The scheme is open for establishing new/additional specialisations in the course of time or to refine and sub-specialise the proposed ones.

Committment to the practical code of conduct of the SI and its underlying ethical guidelines.

My benefits from IT Expert SI™ …

… as [sg_popup id=”2″ event=”click”]a secondary student(<20years)[/sg_popup]? … as a university IT student? … as an IT professional close after making the degree (bachelor, master, doctorate)? … as an experienced IT professional /consultant with a degree and practice? … as a career changer into IT? … when unemployed?

… as a University of Applied Science? … as a University/ETH? … as a private education provider?

… as an IT customer company/organisation? … as employer/HR department for IT professionals or consultants?

Die Vorteile des Informatik Experten SI™ in Kurzform:

  • Sichert den Marktwert der Berufsleute von Studienabschluss bis zur Pensionierung 35-40 Jahre später
  • Macht den Beruf Informatiker / Informatikerin attraktiver und erhöht die Anzahl qualifizierter Berufsleute für den Werkplatz Schweiz
  • Erleichtert den Arbeitgebern, HR-Abteilungen und Auftraggebern die Suche nach qualifizierten und erfahrenen Informatikern, Projektleitern und Beratern für fachliche und personelle Führungsrollen
  • Die Erfahrung älterer Informatiker wird honoriert; höhere Lohnkosten werden durch bessere Qualifikation gerechtgertigt
  • Durch den Praxis-Feedback werden die CBOK/BOK und somit best-practices für den Werkplatz Schweiz stetig optimiert. Die Qualität und Produktivität in der Informatik wird gesteigert. Dies ist angesichts der zunehmenden Kritikalität der Informatik für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft angebracht, wenn nicht notwendig.
  • Die Zusammenarbeit unter den Informatik-Spezialisten wird durch die gemeinsame Basis des CBOK effizienter.
  • Die Nachfrage für und nachgelagert das Angebot an qualifizierten Weiter- und Fortbildungen für Informatiker wächst.
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