The “Swiss Informatics Professional Certificate” between SI and SwissICT!

We are convinced that it is possible to make Switzerland a technology leader based on the quality of its IT expertise, knowledge of,  and behavior in the global marketplace. The idea behind 3L  is to support important goals with the establishment of a certification program. Titled the “Swiss Informatics Professional Certificate”, this certificate will be accessible to all trained informatic professional who have at least three years of professional experience through a transparent procedure. This results in an important advantages for Switzerland as a technology location and those involved in it.

In order to receive the SI Professional certificate, each candidate will be tested in two phases and the basis for this testing is the CV of the candidate. Each 3L candidate  is evaluated according to predefined rules within the framework of a dedicated points system. Although acquired points expire over time, their loss can however be compensated by new experiences. In order to assess the knowledge and ability level of a computer professional –regardless of how these skills were acquired– a multiple choice test is given  during initial certification to measure the level of current knowledge and related skills.

The 3L initiative, which is supported by the largest computer associations in Switzerland, is designed with the intention to cover costs and  not primarily as a profit-oriented. Further, the certification should involve all interest groups, including ICT providers and user companies, computer scientists and employment agencies. Thanks to the independence of the admission and examination bodies, the 3L  guarantees a high-quality certification process. The decision-making bodies are filled with experienced and highly-qualified persons from a wide range of Swiss computer science and business.



    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    TO: 3L Informatik, Ein Projekt der SI mit swissICT


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