The SI develops a certification scheme that honours and labels the efforts of individuals in the IT profession to maintain their high-level of qualification. The motivation, objectives and concepts are described under our

IT Expert SI™

web presence

The project is starting early 2017 and will continue until 2019. After 2019, the certificates will be issued in an ordinary operational manner.

Project lead:

Dr. Simon Moser, member of the board of the SI, CEO SolutionBoxX Ltd.

Prof. Gilles Falquet, member of the board of the SI, 2nd lead

Project members (a forming list, more details will be available soon):

Steering: Jürg Gutknecht (SI), Raymond Morel (SI, IP3), Thomas Haas (SPM), Katrin Reschwamm (SPM), Thomas Flatt (swissICT), Bianca Rühle (swissICT)

Team-Leads: Kurt Munter (CBOK, HFTM), Reinhard Riedl (Ethics, Code of Conduct, BFH), Patrick Spelina (BRIDGE, WIB Solutions AG), Daniel Felix (UX,, Johann Gyger (TechDev, Schaltstelle Ltd.), Umberto Annino (QSeC, ISSS president), vacancy: Op

Members/Reviewers/Consultants in alphabetic order: Denise Ammann, Beat Bischof (Zuehlke), Graziella Boukhenoufa (SCA), Samuel Fricker (ZHAW), Jean Hennebert (HFR, HES-SO), Herwig Kohl (Zuehlke), Beat Lehmann (legal consultant), Markus Marti (ZHAW/continuing education IT), Elke Mittendorf (Trivadis), Jean-Jacques Pittet (ELCA SA), Luigi Ribon (SCA), Arno Schmidhauser (BFH/continuing education IT), Ernest Wallmüller (ITQ), Patrick Weibel (M&S AG)


28th of February 2017: Initial teams staffing completed
Important: Experts as team members or consultants/reviewers are welcome to join our teams throughout the project.

17th of March 2017: 14:30 – 15:45 Project Kickoff Meetings/Presentations, Berne, Business Point (main station), informal apéro and get-together for all invited people after the official part from 15:45 – ca. 17:30.

30st of September 2017: Draft regulations published, accreditation+publication of education courses and events starts

30st of November 2017: Final regulations published, start of early applications, start of national and international scheme homologisation

February – April 2018: Final Bodies of Knowledge published

April – August 2018: First tests/assessments are conducted and certificates issued

April – August 2019: End of project mode of operations, handover to SI operational bodies, national and international scheme homologisation

End of 2019: Project closedown, IT Expert SI™ is in ordinary operational mode