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Information Technology (IT), its security and quality, is indispensable for our economy and society. IT Experts include processes, human beings and the environment when planning and developing solutions.  The label Expert FSIE™ provides the reference for experts that are technically as well as methodically competent and can be trusted when important decisions are due.

The continuing education and practice experience of each Expert FSIE™ is periodically assessed and guarantees competence at a consistent high-level throughout the expert’s professional lifetime.

The expert titles substantially simplify job descriptions and announcements. They provide the professionals with guidance and quality assurance of a systematic, specific advanced and continuing education after their initial study. The experts market value is secured. The key differences and added values of Expert FSIE compared to existing certifications are:

  • consistent basic education: IT competence at tertiary level
  • mandatory continuing education and practice at their competences level
  • uniform and binding code of conduct that is enforced
  • long-term governance (non-profit association FSIE organised in ICTswitzerland) and, hence, long-term valuable titles
  • integrative: the various, and possibly competitional, existing advanced education programs and certificates for a specialisation are evaluated against a uniform reference and equivalently recognised

This project shares the objectives with 3L Informatik ( It complements the 3L basic certification SI Professional with expert titles for specialisations. Practitioners in specific roles or profiles (e.g. according to can recognise their practical experience, advanced and continuing education that is focussed on the specialised domain.

The differences to SI Professional of 3L: (1) A tertiary IT degree is sufficient for the basic qualification, no MC test is required, (2) the title is only available for specialisations. These are labelled as “Expert FSIE Specialisation”; there is no “Expert FSIE” without a Specialisation suffix. (3) After the formal qualifications are passed, a case study report (from practice) from the specialisation and an oral exam lead to the title. 2 examiners that hold the title themselves conduct the assessments.

We are convinced that the quality of digital processes in Switzerland, in the long run, can only be assured if the experts in charge, especially also consultants and customer-side decision makers, possess an IT tertiary education and adhere to an enforceable code of conduct. The career path into consulting and overall program and project where the fundamental digitalisation decisions are made must primarily be based on an IT study[1]. In analogy to medicine (FMH), the IT decision making professionals must be required to posses adequate basic, advanced and continuing education.

From the experts for the experts

The project is developed non-hierarchical and not top-down. Instead, experts from practice are asked and required to define which specialisations (defined as a set of competences) should be available as titles. The community then elects or delegates suitable persons into the specialisation commissions which define the precise requirements for the practice as well as the advanced and continuing education. It is the qualified practitioners that know best what is relevant. Educational institutions as well as IT researchers and teachers are involved in consulting roles.

The project had to limit itself to certifying certain specialisations out of the large set of possible ones. We start with

The FSIE invites all professionals that are interested in these or possibly other specialisations to become member, shape and obtain the Expert FSIE title.

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    [1] IT education (no specialist education), that have level 6 or higher according to NQR/EQF (e.g. STS, Bachelor, Master, Doctorate).