The vocational education system is a strong pillar of the Swiss economy and society. After the 9 years of mostly theoretical and sand-box education at the mandatory schools (age range 7-15), the young Swiss get the most valuable learning experience of practical knowledge in Swiss enterprises. From small and medium to large sized companies, they all offer vocational education spanning the entire range of professions.

Although focussed on tertiary education at university level, the SI strongly supports, via its membership in ICTSwitzerland, the career of IT professionals at apprenticeship levels. These conform to EQF levels 3, 4 and 5.

Many absolvents at this level, immediately or after some years of professional practice, qualify themselves via professional maturity exams, for studies at universities of applied sciences. I.e. they chose the tertiary education path, also called tertiary-A.

As an other option, after the basic professional certificate, ICT-Berufsbildung also offers tertiary education, called tertiary-B diploma. The SI is coordinating education topics of this level with ICT-Berufsbildung.

Whatever the tertiary education path you are choosing, we recommend to have look at our

CPD – Continuing Professional Development

scheme and its IT Expert SI certificate initiative. It assures that your skills, qualification and market value remains at the top after receiving your degree until career end.