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SISR (SI Section Romande) c/o Institut iCoSys, HEIA-FR, Bd. de Pérolles 80, CP 32, CH-1705 Fribourg
Tél +41 (0)26 429 65 96

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Persons authorised to represent SI:

Francis Baud, President,  joint signature by two
Dr. Simon Moser, Treasurer, joint signature by two

Commercial register and VAT:

SI is not commercially registered

VAT number : CHE-101.622.593

Legal venue:

Berne, Switzerland

Gender neutrality:

When mentioning the male forms of “Informatiker, informaticien, informatico”, “Experte, expert, esperto”, etc. in the German, French and Italian web pages, we implicitly also intend to include both male and female persons. At some important places, we explicitly mention both genders. The male form is used, in order to increase the readability only.

Exemption from liability:

SI is not liable for the correctness, precision, timeliness, reliability nor completeness of the information given on its website.

Claims regarding material or immaterial damages, incurred as a consequence of the access or use or non-use of published information, by misuse of the network connection or technical faults are excluded.

All offers are non-binding. SI may change, enhance, delete, temporarily or permanently withdraw parts of or the entire web content without announcement.

Liability for the links:

Referrals or Links to other websites are excluded from the responsibility of SI.
We reject all claims that refer to such websites.
Access and usage of such websites are made at the user’s own risk.


The copyright and other rights of the content, graphics, photographs and other files on our website are owned by SI or explicitly mentioned holders. The reproduction of any of the objects requires the written consent of the copyright owner in advance.

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