Our SIG unites IT professionals with IT basic competences at tertiary level (usually but not necessarily acquired by having completed an IT or MIS study) and a job experience and profile is that of

  • IT Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst, Requirements Engineer
  • Agile: Product Owner, (Portfolio) Epic Owner, Business Owner

Our focus topics are:

  • Business Requirements (modelling and measurement of scope, assuring the right thing for the customer is aimed for and done)
  • IT-Delivery Guidance (customer-side project management, estimation verification, contracting, quality and change management, final assessment and empirical database update)

Hence, our members typically build the BRIDGE between IT customer and IT delivery in non-trivial contexts. They provide the IT customer with the necessary IT competences to prepare, conduct and post-evaluate a project successfully in the primary interest of the IT customer (not of the various IT delivery units or companies involved).

Visions / Goals

  • Promote BRIDGE techniques and competences for practitioners
  • Provide a repository of knowledge, facts and figures (best-practices and empirical database)
  • Link to all levels of education providers (Universities, ETHZ/EPFL, UAS, ES/HF, private)
  • Link other Swiss communities in this domain (scanet.ch, spm.ch, …)
  • Link to International communities in this domain (iiba.org, ipma.org, pmp.org, etc.)

Our Events

We organize a series of  evening talks through the year including:

  • Evening Talks
  • FSIE conference / BRIDGE stream


  • Provide updates through  events of recent developments in the set of competences required by our members
  • Maintain a best-practices (templates) set for BRIDGE / IT Consultants (HERMES compatible – simplified)
  • Offer neutral IT project cost/effort estimation verifications
  • Provide queries/extracts from our maintained empirical database for benchmarking or research purposes.

President, Dr. phil. nat. Simon Moser
Vispresident, Patrick Spelina
Events, Lic. oec. publ., dipl. Wirtschaftsinformatiker Rolf Jufer

Webpage: www.fsie.ch/bridge.html.
Membership form: https://swissinformatics.org/en/membership/categories


    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    TO: BRIDGE Community, Special Interest Group of the SI


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