Green IT Special Interest Group (SIG) is a vibrant community of dedicated ICT professionals, environmentalists, and energy experts within the Swiss Informatics Society (SI). The group focuses on improving the sustainability of ICT operations and ICT applications, as well as supporting greater energy efficiency in a wide range of entities from households to small to large companies. Green IT SIG services make it possible to identify and measure the level of ICT sustainability, and to initiate a process of improvement toward greater energy efficiency and sustainability.

The „Green by IT“ and „Green in IT“ tools and services developed by Green IT SIG allow companies and individuals to join the shift to greater energy efficiency and sustainability. As partner of the Green IT Global collaboration network, we contribute to, incorporate many international developments, and absorb innovations from the sector. Join us as a member and begin to contribute and benefit, use our assessments and actions, and become part of the wealth of experience of the Green IT SIG.

President,  Andreas Schläpfer



    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    TO: GreenIT, SI Special Interest Group


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