The Special Interest Group  provides a platform for multimedia enthusiasts who are interested in exchanging expertise and support the group with know-how, author interesting texts and to add events for the dedicated  blog  and to  pursue a variety of subject including aiding in organising  workshops, demonstrations, and lectures periodically on related subjects.

The group cooperates with the HTW-Chur in diverse ways including  provided expert coaching for semester papers that explore a interest subjects in MultiMedia. Further, at the HTW-Chur u.a. under the direction of Prof. Martin Vollenweider aided in the creation of   interesting semester papers by  students on the topic of Interface Emotion, Science and Interactive Media.


The group has authors video journal contributions  on a regular basis and has already covered such topics as  SI-Signet, “Swiss Industry Controller A2” , on the  video price with the Gesellschaft für Informatik, GI

Further details on the membership fees (discounts, collective membership, etc.) can be found in the SI overview. Registration is made via the SI entry form at the link below.


President, Fredy Schwyter

Website: https://multimedia.swissinformatics.org
Membership form: https://swissinformatics.org/en/membership/categories


    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    TO: Multimedia, Special Interest Group of the SI


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