For meetings, Board Members, Special Interest Group Presidents, Project Leaders, and other members of leading members of the SI Community who are doing important work related to SI activities and goals are invited  to use the SI Office as a Co Working Space.


Bookings for the Co-Working Space are made by writing to Availability and bookings can be found on the SI Google Agenda for Co-Working Space reservations:


Entrance to the Co-Working Space is gained through a key housed in a security key box located at the entranceway to the Euresearch building. After a reservation is made by a party, the combination to the box is sent out.

Please note: The combination of the box changes at random intervals. Usage of the Co-Working space without a prior reservation is subject to loss of privilege and/or a usage fee.


The Co-Working space has a dedicated telephone with the number  031 381 13 44 which can be used to reach persons working in the space. A computer with the necessary software, a projector, and a printer are available for use.  Magazines and other reading literature concerning IT are also available.


Should you have questions concerning the co-working space, we would be glad to hear from you.  With the realisation of the Co-Working Space, we we hope to nurture  SI’s growth and accelerate it toward more accomplishments.

* To be implemented