Swiss Informatics Society SI

 The SI promotes information and communications technologies (ICT) in Switzerland in research and practice. The SI is the largest association of informatics professionals in Switzerland, with about 2,000 members, both with and without academic degrees, working in science, business, government and education. SI is represented in the following national and international bodies:


ICTswitzerland: The umbrella organization of ICT organizations in Switzerland

CEPIS: Council of European Professional Informatics Societies

IFIP: International Federation of Information Processing Societies

Strategy Group “i-12” on information technology: A group of professional societies in computer science and its applications from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


SI is the representative of the popular international certificate  ECDL (European Computer Driving License) and thereby strengthens IT knowledge among the Swiss population.


Section Romande SISR


SI members residing in the francophone regions of Switzerland are automatically members of the Section Romande SISR. All other SI members can join the SISR by sending a simple request to join using this contact form.


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