We define FREELANCERS/CONTRACTORS as self-employed IT professionals, owners and employees of small IT consulting boutiques that sell their workforce into other companies’ projects.As an interest group of the Swiss Informatics Society, we focus exclusively on freelancers and contractors in Information Technology.The FREELANCERS interst group networks IT professionals throughout Switzerland and also maintains relations with foreign organisations that share similar goals.Switzerland lives from innovation and entrepreneurship. IT professionals make a significant contribution to ensuring that Swiss companies are globally successful and competitive and remain so in the future. The objective of FREELANCERS is to provide collective solutions for the administrative, legal and technical issues each of its members share, but are inefficient to solve individually.


We want to promote the interests of our members by individually and collectively working towards the objective. Each member offers his or her capabilities to contribute to the interests of our group. In accordance with our motto “Together we are strong”, we want to gain access to information, contacts and contracts, that, alone, we might not be able to reach.

In line with our vision, we have realised the following activities and contracts for the benefit of our members:

  • networking, communication and collaboration
  • group insurance (e.g. health insurance, liability insurance)
  • advice in legal matters (lawyer on favourable terms)
  • advice in accounting and tax issues (escrow agents on favourable terms)
  • discounts on S-I and partner events

President: Dominik Businger
Treasurer: Marco Abderhalden
Committee member : Reinhard Stoiber

Webpage: Coming soon

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    TO: FREELANCERS/CONTRACTORS, Interdisciplinary Community

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