Software Engineering / Programming Languages / Database Technology

CHOOSE – Swiss Group for Original and Outside-the-box Software Engineering

focuses on organizing various kinds of events in Switzerland throughout the year on behalf of its members, and on sponsoring students that research the area of object-orientation.

DBTA – Information Systems

promotes theory and application of methods in information systems in Switzerland by organising conferences and workshops.

SAUG – Swiss APL User Group

users group for APL, without delving into “religious” battles on which programming language is the only true thing, supports elegant and transparent solutions for many problems.

SI-SE – Software Engineering

organizes conferences on special topics, seminaries and courses, and collaborates with other special interest groups.

Computational Intelligence

Business Informatics

SGAICO – Swiss Group for Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive ScienceThis

dedicated to bringing together researchers, practitioners and other parties interested in the subjects of artificial intelligence and cognitive science (AI/CO).

Cloud Technology

Cloud Computing

offers technically and economically long-term potential. The overall objective of this Special Interest Group is to promote the understanding, the application and the development of cloud computing in the industry, research and education sectors.

Networking & Cloud Services  – IT networking and cloud services

promotes IT networking and cloud services in particular through suitable events and publications for its FG members and other interested parties. The Networks and Cloud Services group has the following goals of creating a platform for the exchange of know-how and experience for the development and operation of Networks and Cloud Services.

Management and Application

E-CONOMY – Standards und Prozesse

offers members opportunity for the development of intermediate perspectives, practice-oriented exchange of information, early knowledge transfer between teaching and practice.

Industry Controller –  The connection between industry, developers and users

Producers, developers, users of IT products, individuals / companies close to industry and industrial research use the connections and strengthen the industrial location Switzerland with the SI.

IT-Compliance Security, availability, business transaction

focuses on aspects of information security, availability, data retention, documentation and electronic processing of business transactions.

Opendata.chopen access to and free reuse of data

An initiative for Switzerland  for Open Government Data, Public Sector IInformation, Open Sience,   and SIGreen IT


GreenIT– Sustainability in IT and by IT

Green IT SIG wants to support the ICT experts, managers of companies and organizations as well as politicians and decision-makers to allow them to contribute to sustainability in the workplace, at home and in society at large.

Creative Technologies

MM – Multimedia – combining research, development and application.

exchanges information and practices on developments in the various technical fields of multimedia and supports  SI in the construction of multimedia presentations.  Raises awareness for the central importance of computer science in our society.

Digital Arts & Technology

focuses on the application of digital technology in the arts and offers insight into current research and innovations in art and technology as well as illustrating resulting synergies during its events, making artists aware of impulses in technology and researchers and developers aware of the possibilities of application of technology in the arts.

Digital Heritage Preservation of the digital heritage

develop sustainable technical and organizational concepts and solutions for the long-term archiving digital object together with the representatives of the memory institutions (archives, libraries, museums)

User Experience

ICT Accessibility

deals with the research and application of information and communication technologies for people with disabilities and senior citizens.

Software Ergonomics – Usability Network Switzerland

promotes usability, basic and further education as well as offer an active network.


Freelancers – self-employed IT professional workforce

focuses exclusively on freelancers and contractors in Information Technology, networking IT professionals throughout Switzerland and  maintaining relations with foreign organisations that share similar goals.

IT & Society  dialogue for ethical, philosophical, socio-cultural and education-political question

promotes the interdisciplinary dialogue between technology and social sciences on computer science, to uncover interactions and to discuss the effects on society and  pursues  professionalism in the computer science industry.

donna informatica 

focuses on the visibility, networking and support, and the promotion of women in their professional and personal development through mentoring, the promotion of equal opportunities for women and men in IT, and the creation of a positive image of IT.