The Digital Arts Special Interest Group focuses on the application of digital technology in the arts and offers insight into current research and innovations in art and technology as well as illustrating resulting synergies during its events, making artists aware of impulses in technology and researchers and developers aware of the possibilities of application of technology in the arts. The Digital Arts Special Interest Group goal is to increase the understanding on the use and technology in a broad range of cultural platforms, targeting a wide range of  interests so that knowledge about technologies is disseminated from a variety of organizations and collective entities including academia, industry, the arts, and cultural exchange.

Our topics include all aspects of Digital Arts and related fields with a particular interest for topics that have a strong relation to computer science. Topics of particular interest are as follows:

  • Interactive performance and installation art using digital technology
  • Immersive media such as Virtual and Augmented Reality
  • Holographic technologies and other advanced display systems for the arts
  • Instrument & controller technologies
  • Media-augmented live performances and real-time interaction
  • Robotics, sensors, instruments, and controller technologies
  • Programming as an art
  • Digital heritage & Digital fashion

The Special Interest Group is head by a team of accomplished individuals, who are long time purveyors of art and science initiatives and collaborators in countless projects using technologies. Each takes an interdisciplinary approach to the subject, holding degrees from one or more disciplines with further expertise in other additional areas and capable of acting on new knowledge in order to find strategies to bridge art and technology within diverse cultural contexts.

Further details on the membership fees (discounts, collective membership, etc.) can be found in the SI overview. Registration is made via the SI entry form.

President, Arthur Clay

Membership Form:


    Swiss Informatics Society SI
    TO: Digital Art & Technology Special Interest Group of the SI


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